Education is indispensable for the achievement of all the development goals and is at the focal point of the progressive milestones for students. Every student has a gigantic capability that needs to be appropriately nurtured until it generates incredible results. When this capability is not steered in a relevant manner, it can be detrimental toContinue reading “EDUCATING FOR HUMAN EXCELLENCE”


Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder involves impairment in several areas of development, which includes social interactions, communication with others, and everyday behaviors, interests, and activities. Richard, a child with autism, shows a range of deficits characteristic of this disorder. “Richard, aged 3½ years, appeared to be aloof from others. He did not greet hisContinue reading AUTISM


The phobias and panic disorder involve periods of anxiety that are acute, usually short-lived, and specific to certain objects or situations. However, some individuals are anxious all the time, in almost all situations. These individuals may be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder worry about their performance on the job,Continue reading “GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER (GAD)”


Many of us experience occasional panic attacks, especially during times of stress. For most of us, the attacks are annoying, but these events do not change how we live our lives. Nevertheless, when panic attacks become a common occurrence, when they are not usually provoked by any situation, and when a person begins to worryContinue reading “PANIC DISORDER”


Oppositional defiant disorder, categorized as a Behaviour Disorder in Childhood is considered a less severe pattern of chronic misbehaviour among children. Children with oppositional defiant disorder are not aggressive toward people or animals, do not destroy property, and do not show a pattern of theft and deceit. However, these children have been increasingly difficult toContinue reading “OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT DISORDER (ODD) IN CHILDREN”

Conduct Disorder(CD) in children

We have all known bullies and troublemakers all through our school days. However, a small number of children engage in other serious transgressions of societal norms for behaviour and demonstrate a chronic pattern of unconcern for the basic rights of others. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Text Revision-IV (DSM-IV-TR) provides the frameworkContinue reading “Conduct Disorder(CD) in children”

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children

We like to think of childhood as a time relatively free of worry and psychological problems. Just as adults, children too suffer from psychological problems. These may be ranging from simple behavioural, emotional, or learning problems to complex psychological problems.“Walking through the grocery store, you suddenly hear a child screaming. You look around and seeContinue reading “Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children”


Individuals with “social phobia”, also termed as “social anxiety disorder” fear being judged or embarrassing themselves in front of others. Social phobia creates severe disruption in an individual`s daily life.Many people get nervous when speaking to an audience or joining a group already engaged in a conversation. One study of college students found that 48Continue reading “SOCIAL PHOBIA-IMPACT ON THE HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF AN INDIVIDUAL”


Are obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour hindering your daily life? Are they impeding your life and are your family members distressed about your behaviour? Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) due to their predisposition to respond to danger and uncertainty or insecurity. In particular, the hygieneContinue reading “OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD)”


Separation anxiety disorder is an emotional disorder whose onset is specific to childhood. Many children turn out to be anxious when they are separated from their loved ones or primary caretakers. As children develop, they understand that their loved ones will return, and they find ways to comfort themselves while their loved ones are away.Continue reading “SEPARATION ANXIETY DISORDER IN CHILDREN”